The Fomo NFT gallery is the world’s first multiverse portal and virtual land agents/brokers located in Vancouver BC. We create digital assets that exist  both in the physical and the metaverse using hyperrealistic 3D scanning technology.

  • NFT Content Creators
  • Virtual Land
  • Physical Showroom and Gallery
  • Hyper realistic 3D scanning + 3D model production
  • Virtual Reality XR/VR/AR Development 


Our focus is developing interactive content that meshes the physical and digital with blockchain smart contracts. Our in house design team has the capability to create complex, visually stunning VR/AR/XR experiences that push the boundaries of the current state of technology. 

The Fomo NFT gallery features over 2000sf of interactive smart content. The whole space is “smart” and can be controlled with an app. Everything from the lighting, the audio and the screens are all fully interactive and accessible to artists and collaborators 



The Fomo NFT gallery is just tip of the ice berg in terms of where we’re going next. Our plan is to lead in the field of Web 3.0 technology and create bleeding edge, next generation content for the Metaverse.

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Alister TomaAlister Toma
21:18 03 Apr 22
Finally a cool spot in this boring town. We need more cool places like this in Borecouver to add some sparkle two thumbs up!
Brendan WilsonBrendan Wilson
21:14 03 Apr 22
Unreal, they had free drinks. Would recommend to anyone. Artist was a beauty.
Eric BerardEric Berard
19:00 03 Apr 22
Loved the music- DJ did a fantastic job, and the artwork is wicked. Great people to hang out with, and an awesome location!
Luigi RonchiLuigi Ronchi
18:13 03 Apr 22
Super cool venue, one of a its kind art gallery! It usually attracts a fashionable and fashion forward crowd and showcases innovate NFT art!
Jordan AllenJordan Allen
05:25 03 Apr 22
This place is the best place I’ve ever been, great artwork, great vibes. All around a great spot

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